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Name:Harris's Home For Misused and Abused Characters
Location:Addams's Vale, Massachusetts, United States of America
Website:Main Site
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:A Crossover Universe

Dark Haven

01.About The Series

After quitting the Watcher's council, Xander Harris figured out that  he would settled down somewhere and maybe live a normal life. What  never occurred to him that he would suddenly inherit an old dilapidated  estate located just outside the small New England town of Addam's Vale,  Massachusetts. It doesn't take long for Xander to realize that the house  is not just haunted, but it is actually a magical house that is  sentient. And it's up to Xander to not only take care of the house, but  to also keep the house's temperamental avatar happy. However, what  Xander doesn't realize is that the house attracts all different types of  visitors from all different walks a life. Witches, Werewolves,  Vampires, Immortals, Superheroes, Assassins, and Spies; It doesn't  matter who or rather WHAT they are, If they need a safe place to rest,  and they have nowhere else to go; then Dark Haven is where you come to  retreat from the world. Some stay, some go, but if they are in need,  Dark Haven has a place for them. 

Dark Haven is a crossover  fanfiction series that follows the adventures of the proprietor of The  Dark Haven estate, Xander Harris and the residents (that come from  various fandoms) as they deal with all types of shenanigans, both  mundane and supernatural. 

02.The Rules

- Be Courteous To Each Other: This means no bashing, or flaming of any kind of any member of this site. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but outright flaming of a writer is prohibited. All comments must be on topic

- No outside advertising: Posting Access is only given to the Administrator, Writers, and the Moderators. This is mostly a forum for the readers of the series to interact with the writers, and for the writers to keep the readers updated on the news and updates pertaining to this series. Comments should pertain to only about the series, unless you are permission to do otherwise in the post.
This also means you can't post advertisements for other communities or for fics that are not connected to Dark Haven. If you are caught breaking this rule, the comment will be deleted. If you are caught spamming this community more than once you will be banned.

- Other Rules:If you want to write for this series, please refer to the writers guidelines and the wiki for more information.


03.Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us here

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